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In this site you will find all original and hand painted Armenian traditional and contemporary modern tiles and pottery.

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Tel : +972 2 6280496

Address : Armenian Patriarchate Road, 77, 

                Armenian Quarter, Jerusalem

Mailing address : Lepejian

                            P.O.Box 14418

                            Jerusalem 9114301


The Artist

Vic has masters degree in Applied Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia.
In 1970 he participated in a group exhibition on the 55-th anniversary of the "Armenian Massacre" and won 1-st prize.
His works are included in the collections of art enthusiasts in Armenia, Russia, Australia, Britain, France, Holland, U.S.A, Israel, Jordan, New Zealand, Spain and Italy. His tile works are truly graceful, elegant and most beautiful. A collectors delight. Each piece is framed and ready to hang and signed by the artist. All pieces are underglazed and kiln fired so there is no chipping, fading or peeling of the colours. No 2 pieces ever come out alike.

Locally and internationally known and respected for  his artistic accomplishment in ceramics, sculpting, painting, metal chasing and design, Vic Lepejian has shown his work in different parts of the world. He has created one of a kind pieces for businesses, private homes, gardens, restaurants and holy sites in Jerusalem and all over the world. His works are represented in the collections of numerous art enthusiasts around the world, including: Armenia, Russia, Australia, Britain, France, Holland, United States, Israel, Jordan, New Zealand, Spain and Italy.

Distinctive Vic designs have won awards and been exhibited in galleries worldwide. Some of his notable works include the tile facade of the main entrance to a chapel in Wellington, New Zealand. The composition narrates the history and evolution of the world from the beginning of time to the 20th century.

The representation of Jesus' journey, which he created through artistic and versatile workmanship on ceramic tiles, depicts the Fourteen Stations of the Cross for a private mansion in Arizona in the United States, for Santa Sophia church in Spring Valley, California, and for St. Basil the Great Church, Eastpointe, Michigan. 

He has held one man exhibitions in Israel, Jordan, Italy, United States, Australia, England, Spain and Mexico. On behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism ( Holyland 2000), he has participated in the ASTA Convention in Los-Angeles twice, WTM Exhibition in London twice, FITUR Tourism Exhibition in Madrid, NRB Exhibition in Anaheim Los Angeles and EPCOT Exhibition in Disney World Orlando.

His work continues to attract attention from curators and critics alike:

"Vic's subjects and themes strike you as unusual, festive and elated, combining artistic inspiration and versatile workmanship". (The Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem)

"Lepejian has an intuitive sense of composition which gives his work a deeply aesthetic rhythm & balance". (Jordan Times - Jordan)

"Vic's inspiration is etched in each piece- his wood sculptures, his paintings, his ceramics, his copper chasings. His works have achieved an extraordinary understanding of the possibilities of various media". (Ararat - USA)

"The silhouettes in Vic's works are highly expressive. There is a great expression in every pose, gesture and turn". (Armenia - Sydney)

With a Master's Degree in Applied Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan - Armenia, and over 40 years of experience, Vic is a highly innovative artist in various styles. Every piece is 100% hand made. He is a master of several ceramic processes, and a tireless experimenter with different methods of glazing and firing. All pieces are underglazed and kiln fired so there is no chipping, fading or peeling of the colors. No two pieces ever come out alike.

But while innovation and spontaneity are important to him, Vic retains a strong respect for the tools, skills, techniques and traditions of his craft. He prides himself on attention to detail and exceptional workmanship. He is dedicated to transforming your space in a way that is true to your vision, providing your family, staff and clients with lasting works of art to enjoy for many years to come.

What some say about his work:

"We received our masterpiece and we can not express how beautiful it is. It took our breath away. Thank You!" (A & L  Patterson, California - United States)

"Greetings Vic, Thank you for the last order, the set was wow and wow. It truly is a beautiful piece of art. It arrived in perfect condition thanks to the excellent packing job. Thank you always for your exceptional service. Much appreciated."(D. White, Ontario -Canada)

"Dear Vic, Thank You! I received my order yesterday. WOW! I simply cannot find enough words to describe it. It is wonderful! Thank You again!" (C. Helch, Hamburg - Germany)

"Dear Vic, Thank you so much for your outstanding service. The pieces are beautiful! Thank you for your exceptional care. It is so refreshing to have someone so dedicated to the needs of the customer. What a pleasure it is to do business with you." (M. Gordon, Oregon - United States)